The Three Strengths of Gigasolar

The power of unique ideas of Gigasolar is the decisive answer to construction of power plants that bring high output, high efficiency and high earnings.

1 Power of Design For Higher Generated Power Output


Based on our rich construction experience, we can design power plants which are optimal for areas with heavy snowfalls and even high temperatures and humidity.

Areas with strong winds
Areas with hot temperature and high humidity
Areas with heavy snowfalls

2 Power of installation for reduction of the length of installation time

 ''UNIT KOUHO''   Construction Site View
”UNIT KOUHO” Construction Site View
Giga Multi-Crawler
Giga Multi-Crawler

Labor costs are the highest costs among all costs. Reducing installation time leads to significant cost reductions. Gigasolar proposes plans to reduce installation times by implementing its original heavy machinery for UNIT KOUHO and for maintaining power plants.

3 Power of Development For Creating a Robust Foundation

Developing the Power Screw

  • Astonishing pull-out force
  • Consolidated construction down to the bearing ground
  • It is possible to create a robust foundation even in soft ground.

Only Gigasolar can achieve high efficiency in constructing, operating and managing a power station by providing a point of contact in one place.

Construction and sales of high income power plants

Two-axis Solar Tracking Mount
The Savannah Tracker
Off Grid Proposals

Operation and Maintenance
“Power Support” Plan