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GIGA Solar in 4 minutes

  • MDB社製 LV300 PRO



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Since GIGA Solar has extensive experience in construction, we can design optimum solar power plants from snowy areas to high-temperature and high-humidity areas.


Construction Examples

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Rely on solar power

Giga solar has proposed a number of mounting structures for solar power plants which apply for any circumstances such as idle land, vacant land, farmland and rooftop.
GIGA Solar is also driving the project to set solar panels on the desert, including development of dual-axis tracker ‘SAVANNA TRACKER’ whose angle of inclination can be controlled by being informed latitude of setting sites in order to get the sunlight most efficiently.
We are continuing on new challenge since we believe possibility of reliable solar power generation for the future generations and turn our attention to energy problem promptly by gathering technology from a range of research teams.
We have been trying to develop higher quality products and offer services and also keeping on innovating throughout the past, the present and the future.

  • Experience and Capability

    Our biggest strength is the corporate power which can offer highly-efficient, high productive and highly-profitable PV plants that cannot be constructed by only one company in the thoroughgoing system where a large-scale project can be implemented, with cooperation of experts in various fields such as construction, materials, sales, land development and security, finance, O&M.We propose valuable resources which have extensive constructing experiments in any circumstances such as idle land, vacant land, agricultural land, rooftops and so on.

  • Insatiable Inquisitive。

    One of giga solar’s unique effort is to sell dual-axis tracker ‘SAVANNA TRACKER’ equipped with a snow gauge sensor.
    It can generate electricity even in snowy areas.
    We have been seeking a new possibility of increasing investment value of PV plants.

  • New Challenge

    We are continuing to develop and struggle in order to realize power plants on desert.

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